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WE ARE ...

… a Software Engineering consulting firm constituted by highly qualified professionals who share a passion for problem solving that requires a combination of ingenuity and the informed use of appropriate Computing practices.

We are grateful we have been blessed with having had the opportunity of working with diverse platforms, environments, frameworks, and software processes.

Since we are keenly aware of the importance of staying current in this our fast-paced discipline, we continue to be actively engaged in learning from others, and sharing our knowledge with others. We accomplish this by participating in activities such as: publishing peer-reviewed articles, books, and chapters of books associated with well-regarded organizations; and also by organizing/participating in professional workshops and tutorials.

Thanks to our education and to these activities, we have been exposed to advanced Computing concepts such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Numerical/Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Ontologies, Service-Oriented Architectures, Domain-Specific Languages, Computer Security, Parallel/Distributed/Concurrent Programming, and Model-Driven Development, to name a few.

We are always ready to—and enjoy the challenge associated with—“rolling  our sleeves up” in order to rapidly understand, apply, and extend new technologies in order to assist you in getting your job done on time, and with the levels of quality that you require. We also immensely enjoy combining seemingly disparate technologies, and—excuse the cliché—thinking outside of the box.

If you feel your development team is currently stuck and/or needs a breather, get in touch with us! Exodus Consulting will offer an exit strategy that is refreshingly affordable, independent, timely, organic, and with the appropriate breadth and depth that aligns with your organization’s bottom line.

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